6 Top Tips for Lower Back Pain

By |November 11th, 2013|

OK, for the time-pressed amongst you, who don’t want to wade through all my other posts on active-x clinics here are the […]

How to avoid pain from cycling

By |November 4th, 2013|

OK, we’re going to cover the most common cycling pains, what causes them and what to do about it (this excludes pain […]

What kind of headache do I have?

By |October 27th, 2013|

For anyone with a headache in Edinburgh, knowing the answer to “What kind of Headache do I have?” gets you half way […]

Causes of sciatica

By |October 13th, 2013|

Sciatica is a description – not a diagnosis; see our video for more info on this.  Sciatica most frequently causes pain deep […]

Headaches – a pain in the neck?

By |September 19th, 2013|

Headaches affect around 60% of the adult population every year.  And at any given time in the UK, more than 1.5 million […]

Lower Back Pain and Driving

By |July 22nd, 2013|

Driving causes lower back pain in so many people.  Why?  And what can you do about it?  Read on…

Most people don’t give […]

The Three Types of Pain

By |May 12th, 2013|

Bad Posture Costs Lives!

By |April 28th, 2013|

Is bad posture any more than just that?  Is there a good reason for nagging our kids (and being nagged by our […]

Lower Back Pain Exercises

By |March 27th, 2013|

Is this your idea of exercise for lower back pain?   If so – are you trying to avoid lower back pain or […]

Low back pain, lifting and carrying

By |March 10th, 2013|

Shock news – a review of the evidence indicates that manual handling training (teaching people how to lift and handle loads) has […]