Nutrition & exercise changes the life of men with prostrate cancer

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I was sent a copy of an article written back in 2008 that focused on a small group of men who had low-level prostrate cancer and didn’t want to undergo conventional medical treatment like radiation or surgery. What they did instead was change their eating habits and began an exercise routine of MODERATE exercise like walking while eating more fruit,vegetables and other healthy foods.

Edinburgh personal trainer Oliver Jessop

Oliver Jessop

It took just 3 months to see an improvement not only in their general health because they lost weight and felt better but researchers found their disease preventing genes increased and the disease promoting genes that are found in cancer (prostrate and breast) shut down!


This is such an awesome finding and we should do everything we can to share it with people we know.

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Healthy diet

That is all it took to help this group of men in just three months. Surely everyone can manage to help their health by focusing on those three.

Click the link to read the article yourself which was featured on Reuters

Now, is the time to really think about how taking on a personal trainer can help you improve your health if you find it difficult to motivate yourself. You can also arrange to see our nutritionist so we can help you not just exercise, but look at helping you change you nutritional habits for the better.

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