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Injections for lower back pain and sciatica

"New jab now available to alleviate the misery of back pain" might suggest that the millions of back pain sufferers were about [...]

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Mindfulness for lower back pain

"Mindfulness for lower back pain? What's that about?" I hear you say.  "What is he on about this time?  I just have [...]

The 4 Worst Things To Do When In Pain

Be Afraid Anxiety and fear will almost certainly make your pain worse; there is loads of research indicating that people who are [...]

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Low back pain, lifting and carrying

Shock news – a review of the evidence indicates that manual handling training (teaching people how to lift and handle loads) has [...]

Smoking your way to lower back pain

Yes, it's official: giving up smoking will help you to recover from lower back pain more quickly.  A recent study published in [...]

Massage works for low back pain

The "Gold Standard" in research is to have a Cochrane independent review of the research literature.  The Cochrane Group is totally independent [...]

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