Episode 10: Edinburgh osteopath and Chief Back Officer at Active X Backs helps to #relieve and #prevent #lowerbackpain and #sciatica by giving a detailed answer to the question “How to get up from sitting with low back pain / sciatica”?

You will learn:

  • How long you sit may matter more to your lower back
  • What you sit on matters as much as how you get up
  • What you should sit on, or whether you should sit at all
  • How to get up AND sit down when it’s painful – the power of the brace
  • How often to get up

The 6 pillar episodes of the podcast address 

Why does my lower back pain / sciatica keep coming back?

How can I relieve my lower back pain /sciatica?

How can I prevent lower back pain / sciatica?

Why does my lower back hurt so much?