Active X Backs in Edinburgh specialise in providing online consultations for low back pain / sciatica. Their Chief Back Officer and Edinburgh osteopath Gavin Routledge answers the question “What happens in an online consultation for low back pain / sciatica?
You will learn:
  • Why online consultations have been proven to be as effective as in-person
  • How to choose a provider of online consultations for low back pain /sciatica
  • Where many providers will fail you
  • What our process involves
If you haven’t listened to Episodes 1-6 – our foundational episodes – please do so!  It will lay the foundation for you to make a long-term, sustainable recovery.  And if you’d like a free online assessment of lower back pain / sciatica, just click the link.  It will provide you with a guide as to whether you need to see a doctor or not, which exercises are most likely to relieve your particular pain, and a whole load more tips on recovering from and preventing lower back pain / sciatica.