A great looking bottom in a bikini is yours if you want it

//A great looking bottom in a bikini is yours if you want it

A great looking bottom in a bikini is yours if you want it

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Last week I mentioned my intention to run a bikini bottom bootcamp in Edinburgh around May. If you didn’t read that and you think you might be interested you can complete our enquiry form <== click the link – it doesn’t commit you to anything and gives me an idea of how many people would love to be part of a bootcamp.

The great thing I love about regular exercise is the way it can change, tone and shape your body no matter what age you are and what kind of shape you are in right now. Of course if you have 22 kgs (50lbs) to lose it is going to take you a little longer than someone who is trying to lose 15lbs but it still is possible.

There are of course some things that you can do at home to help shape your bum and I love Youtube for videos but always remember you need a proper exercise routine that includes warming up and cooling down. I can help you put a program together if that is of interest to you. Get in touch and ask for Oliver on 0131 221 1415


Get yourself into a routine to help tone your bottom into one that looks amazing in a bikni and by the time your bum is in great shape you can bet that the rest of you will be as well.

Click the link if you want a little more information about the Bikini Bootcamp in Edinburgh

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