Prevention Plans

Our Prevention plans are designed to help you to prevent a recurrence of your pain AND to optimise the health of your back and the rest of you (your back doesn’t operate in isolation!).

Beat pain, get active image

We coach you, provide treatment, advice and accountability (don’t underestimate the importance of the last one!).  We also guarantee rapid access to an osteopath should that ever be required.  This is a best-in-class service that maximises your chances of sticking to a preventative approach, because after all… prevention is better than cure.

  • Regular appointments

  • Discount applied to all appointments and retail items

  • Priority bookings

  • Exclusive access to special offers

  • Price fixed for 2 years

Silver Plan

£5400Every 6 weeks
  • Treatment + health-related coaching. 13.8% discount

Gold Plan

£5200Every 4 weeks
  • Treatment + health-related coaching. 13.8% discount

Platinum Plan

£4900Every week
  • Treatment + health-related coaching. 15.5% discount