Corona Statement 23rd March 2020

At Active X Backs we are doing all that we can to stay abreast of developments.  And making sure to follow all relevant guidelines as they are updated.

Clinic currently closed

We have closed the clinic in Edinburgh's West End for the next 2 weeks, until April 6th.  This may be extended.  Initially this was due to Kelly and Gavin having a family member develop symptoms that required us to self-isolate.  However, recent guidelines suggest that only those in the most severe pain and in need of help should be visiting clinics such as ours.

We are supporting a number of clients now via online consultations and self-treatment packages.

Your understanding is greatly appreciated

As we are all currently working from home, our communications may be a little patchier than usual.  Try to use our online booking service where you can.  If you phone, the phone is diverted to Gavin's mobile for the time being.  PLEASE leave a message if he doesn't answer.  Your emails may also not be responded to as quickly as you are used to. We will get back to you as soon as we can.  Remember, you can also book online here.

When the clinic re-opens


We have alcohol hand sanitiser, available at the entrance.  You may use this at the front door, as an alternative to washing - although washing is better!  Hopefully, by the time you come in, we will have face masks.  We are happy to wear one if you would prefer.  You may wear one too if you like.  But in terms of reducing your risk of being infected by someone else, it is better that the people around you wear the mask, rather than you.

We ask that if you are at all concerned about your own risk status, that you read the guidelines issued by the NHS.

If you are feeling at all unwell, especially if you have a fever, or have recently developed a cough, please call us to cancel your appointment, and start self-isolating.

Support others

This is a particularly difficult time for older people who are likely to be isolated for longer periods.  Please consider supporting them through initiatives such as Silverline.  A 30 minute phone call once a week could make an enormous difference to someone's life.

Stay well

All the very best at this difficult time.   We hope you and those you love all stay well.

Gavin and the AXB Team