Lower Back Pain Rapid Relief Program

Double-money-back guarantee

What’s included?

  • Pre-consultation online assessment form

  • Initial 1 hour consultation and pain-relieving treatment – value £67

  • 2 Follow-up 30 minute pain-relieving treatments – value £110

  • Copy of the Active X Backs Book – value £27.99

  • Massage Ball – value £8

Total Monetary Value £212.99

PLUS, you will receive the ultimate guidance on how to relieve your lower back pain, including:

  • How much to rest with back pain – value £55

  • How to get up from sitting with back pain – value £55

  • How to get dressed with back pain – value £55

  • How to stand with back pain – value £55

  • How to bend over with back pain – value £55

  • How to turn over in bed with back pain – value £55

  • How to get your socks on with back pain – value £55

  • How to walk with back pain – value £55

  • How to sleep well with back pain – value £55

  • When and how to use medication with back pain – value £55

And so much more…

Total value of this information £550

That’s a total value of £762.99

All of this for only £99 if you buy online by 31st January 2020.


Including a double-money-back guarantee.

Why do we only charge £99?

You don’t know us, but we want to help you.  In order to convince you to try our amazing 5 star reviewed service, we make the offer so attractive you can’t look a gift-horse in the mouth.

At this price, we don’t make any profit from our Rapid Relief Program (we don’t even break even).  All of our profits are made on our Pain Prevention and Active for Life Programs. Most of our new customers go on to purchase the Pain Prevention Program for Sciatica.  Because – like us – they believe that “Prevention is better than cure”! And if you’re someone who wants to make the most of the life you have left, you’ll be very interested in our Active for Life program.  But we have to start with Relief.

Remember that  (because they are so often connected) – lower back pain is likely to cause you more disability in your life than Alzheimers, Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer combined.

But by following our Active for Life program you’ll reduce your risk of having a relapse of sciatica AND reduce your risk for all of these other illnesses.  Because your lifestyle is the single biggest risk factor for all of them!

But it all starts with the Rapid Relief Program.

How can we offer a double-your-money-back guarantee?

One of our core values is “Focus on measurable outcomes.” We’re so confident that we can relieve your pain that we offer a double-your-money-back guarantee*.  If you’re not satisfied that we’ve provided you with a 5 star service, you can claim back 2 times the money you’ve paid – £198 – to compensate you for the time you’ve invested.

*Terms of Offer.
To qualify for our double-your-money-back guarantee you have to commit to:
  1. Follow the advice we give you.
  2. Follow the advice we give you.
  3. Follow the advice we give you.