The Officino Ball Chair has been my favourite chair for the last 5 years.

Prior to that I used a number of saddle seats.  I liked them, but I got saddle sore with all of them.  I don’t with this.  Perhaps it’s because you can pump it up to the degree of firmness that suits you.

It also enables you to wobble on the chair much more easily.  Wobbling is great to keep your lower back moving.  And remember, movement is hugely beneficial for most lower back problems.  For relief AND prevention.

It doesn’t have a back support. Which means it doesn’t comply with UK Health and Safety regulations, which state that you should have a back support on an office chair.  I disagree.  I think having a back support encourages you to slump, which leads to a sustained stretch on your lower back.  Not good.   Hold yourself up.

It might take you a while to transition to using this full-time.  But it’s worth it.

Delivery time is approximately a week after we receive your payment.  Here’s a brief video of the chair being demoed by its inventor, Piers Marmoy.