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Best Back Pain Sciatica Online Course Introduction
Best Back Pain and Sciatica Online Course – Free Introduction
Best back pain sciatica online course review
Best Back Pain Sciatica Online Course – relief & prevention

I hurt my lower back in the middle of lock-down and was still in pain 2 weeks later. I knew that there was no possibility of getting a face to face appointment in my area.  I listened to a few podcasts, looking for help and advice on managing lower back pain. It was here that I found Gavin Routledge’s Active X Backs podcasts. After a few more days of pain, I knew I needed professional help to manage the pain; so I turned to Active X Backs.

The program quickly came up with a plan of recovery, followed by a plan of prevention. I have not had any back pain since.  I would definitely recommend to any of my family and friends.

Olga Bouton recommends Active X Backs specialising in low back pain and sciaticaOlga Bouton