Best back pain sciatica online course review
Best Back Pain Sciatica Online Course – relief & prevention

Back pain and sciatica online course

If you are looking for the best online course for lower back pain / sciatica then just click the link.

Maybe you travel a lot.  Maybe you don’t like the idea of “treatment”.  Maybe you just like to understand things fully and be independent.  Whatever your reasons, this course will provide you with all the information you need.  And it’ll give you a framework to help keep you motivated.  Falling off the Cliff of Pain again and again is all-too-common.

Is it the best back pain and sciatica online course?

It took me 6 months to build the course.  I believe it is the most comprehensive course on the web.  And because people who have taken the course used the adjective “best”, I used it too.

I hurt my lower back in the middle of lock-down and was still in pain 2 weeks later. I knew that there was no possibility of getting a face to face appointment in my area.  I listened to a few podcasts, looking for help and advice on managing lower back pain. It was here that I found Gavin Routledge’s Active X Backs podcasts. After a few more days of pain, I knew I needed professional help to manage the pain; so I turned to Active X Backs.

The program quickly came up with a plan of recovery, followed by a plan of prevention. I have not had any back pain since.  I would definitely recommend to any of my family and friends.

Olga Bouton recommends Active X Backs specialising in low back pain and sciaticaOlga Bouton