A Million Better Backs

home_campaignMISSION: To help a million people get a better back via evidence-based lessons, treatment, blogs and videos that inform, empower and liberate people to avoid needless lower back pain and sciatica.

TEAM: Clinic Director, Gavin Routledge, and the active X backs team.

TIMESCALE: As long as it takes!

BACKGROUND: 80% of the adult population suffer lower back pain at some time in their lives at a cost of £3.5 billion to the UK economy, £1 billion to the NHS and countless days of suffering to those affected.  Expert Osteopath, Gavin Routledge, has already helped thousands of people recover from lower back pain and now sets an outrageously ambitious target of reaching a million better backs.

Gavin comments: “I like a big challenge and I’d love to help as many people as possible.  I’ve been in practice for over 20 years now and during that time helped literally thousands of people with lower back pain and sciatica, so I feel ready for a really big challenge!  I know it’s a big target considering it’s taken me 20+ years to help just 10 thousand people; but with the easy accessibility of information and media via the internet, I figure that even if I fall short I’ll have helped many many thousands.  As W. Clement Stone said, “Always aim for the moon; even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”.  Even though the chances of helping a million people in my lifetime are slim, I’m very excited about the challenge of trying, and about the benefits I can bring to so many people.”

DETAILS: We will cover everything you need to know in order to take control of your lower back.  There will be some de-bunking of myths and a laser focus on what’s proven to work.  We will hand you the sharpest possible weapons in the battle for a million better backs!