I know I can dye my own hair, but there are times when only a good hairdresser will do. Getting my hair professionally washed, cut, and dyed leaves me feeling amazing. I also know that I can change the oil in my car but there are times when only a good mechanic will do, especially if I don’t want to get my nails covered in oil!

I know you can rub your own feet and give yourself a massage. I even know there are times when you can get your partner to give you a massage but when you are stressed out, feeling anxious, unable to sleep… these are the times when only a good massage therapist will do. And if you found this blog post because you were searching for a “massage therapist in Edinburgh” – I will make an assumption that today is one of those days!

Get yourself some real stress relief using massage by calling active-x on 0131 221 1415 or click this link and complete our enquiry form and we will call you back. Choose from a relaxing remedial massage, a muscle soothing sports massage or any of our other different types. We can explain how they all work when you get in touch.