Lose your back pain, lose your belly, find your abs… and swing free!

More details on webinars for ex-rugby players on low back pain / sciatica

Team “physio” is Gavin Routledge MSc DO(Hons)

He’s not a physio.  Veteran osteopath, ex-rugby player, average golfer, with a Masters Degree in The Clinical Management of Pain. And two times published author on lower back pain.  Gavin  will coach you to finally kick your pain into touch and get you swinging freely again.

The Back Book by Gavin Routledge, Gavin Hastings (9780722538081)Gavin Hastings testimonial Active X Backs

Next Trial Date and Sign-up>>

Next Trial Date and Sign-up>>

Next Tour Date and Details – TBA

Check your eligibility for selection:

  1. Born before 01/01/1980

  2. Ex-rugby union player and current/would-be golfer

  3. Persistent or recurrent low back pain and/or sciatica

  4. Frustrated that you can’t do what you want to do

You will be required to train hard for the win.

Past injuries will be considered, but will not exclude you from possible selection.

Scott and Jenny Hastings and Gavin Routledge