I am an Edinburgh osteopath and I – and my colleagues – specialise in lower back pain and sciatica.  There may be others.  But if you browse the websites of all my colleagues, it’s not apparent that any other Edinburgh osteopath specialises in lower back pain and sciatica.

Why not specialise?

I guess some Edinburgh osteopaths may feel that if they state a specialism it may put off people with other problems.  It probably will.

What’s good about specialising in lower back pain and sciatica?

It’s good to specialise.  Take it from me – I’ve written 2 books on lower back pain.  I know that I can’t be great at knees, ankles, necks, shoulders, elbows, hips, AND lower backs. But by focusing on the lower back I can give it my all.  Giving something your all tends to get better results than spreading your efforts.  Ever heard the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none”?  Just because I’m an Edinburgh osteopath doesn’t mean I have to be the same as other Edinburgh osteopaths.

“Why do you specialise in lower back pain and sciatica?”

I had significant lower back problems in my 20s.  Way back then I was an Edinburgh osteopath too!  This was as a result of crazy weight-lifting, rugby, lazy postures, and squash.  Together these pushed me towards and over the edge of my own Cliff of Pain!  Also, there are so many people with lower back pain and sciatica that I’ll never be short of people to help.

How far can you take your specialism?

I spent a lot of my Masters Degree in Pain Management focused on lower back pain.  And as a result, we have an app for lower back pain and sciatica.  And we have a rehabilitation protocol which covers relief and prevention.  And we provide training for fitness professionals who want to help people with lower back pain and sciatica too.  I enjoy specialising.  But I also enjoy the fact that the people who consult us understand we’re pretty good at the rest of the body too ;-)